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Where to Help

There is always a lot to do and think about at an event and that’s why we need you! Here are the  different areas at the event where you would help out:
- at the reception and information booth 
- at the entrance checking tickets 
- help in the food area (food and drinks) 
- supervision and management of flows
- help at restauration and drinks 
- help at backstage; jetons; toilettes 

Thank you

It is very important to us that volunteers enjoy participating and help us bring the event to life together. We want to thank everyone in advance who is willing to take the time to help us create an unforgettable experience.

+352 621 770 140
For our upcoming event “Hidden Sessions” on the 2nd of July 2022 in Differdange, we are still looking for motivated volunteers. If you feel like this is a job for you with the coolest team, feel free to contact us!
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