We also offer workshops for the next event in Esch/Alzette! As always, the workshops are open to everyone and anyone can participate!

This workshop focuses on nature and how to look at it, explore it and treat it with respect.

The workshop is facilitated by a technician and in collaboration with CELL's F.U.T.U.R.E. project manager.


Visual Workshop:

The activity is a workshop that mixes recovery, nature and creation. Members will be invited to collect elements that reflect light such as mirrors, CDs, but also wooden boards, beams ... Anything that can be useful to create a sculpture in the form of a Totem of 6 meters high.

For the creation, everyone is invited to Bâtiment 4 on Thursday evenings to share a pizza and a drink, but also and above all, to make this totem pole.

Once it is built, the magic of the lights comes next. Accompanied by a technician/director, the participants will be able to project light onto their work. This structure will be part of the set of HIDDEN SESSIONS.

This workshop allows people to become aware of the recovery of material but also to discover the job of a lighting technician. It also shows that with a little imagination and collaboration it is possible to create beautiful things.The workshops will take place over two days, but the activity will be the same:


Workshop 1 

from 10am to 5pm

Saturday 30.07.2022

Workshop 2

from 5pm to 8pm

Thursday 04.08.2022



Bâtiment 4, 66 Rue de Luxembourg,

4149 Esch-sur-Alzette

Don't forget to register: 




The workshop will be followed by photographers and videographers, which means that photos and videos will be taken of the workshop and the participants. Hidden Sessions has the rights to these photos and videos and we are also allowed to publish the material on various platforms.


The evening of July 2 will be a "silent disco" accompanied by a light show. The public, with headphones on, will be able to enjoy several exceptional concerts and light shows highlighting this atypical and emblematic place.

The workshops are a moment of sharing between the artists, the team of HIDDEN SESSIONS and the associations of the commune. Everyone gathers around the same activity that mixes art, history and experience. The final result is integrated and highlighted during the event.

Soundless noise

One of our artists will introduce electronic music to the participants, but will also teach them to capture sounds in the church of Lasauvage, a place with a very special and unique acoustic. Following the capture of sounds, the workshop will continue with the transformation of these on computer and thus create music.

This workshop will take place on the 24th of June. You can sign-up by contacting us at:


During the event, a JAM will be planned with the participants of the workshop but also any person to whom, the desire to "tinker with buttons and boxes" becomes irresistible but also any person curious and willing to participate.