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For each event we organise workshops with different audiences. The idea of these workshops is to spend a moment with the inhabitants of the city and to build together decorative objects that we integrate into the event.


For the Schifflange event, we will have the following workshop:


The evening of July 2 will be a "silent disco" accompanied by a light show. The public, with headphones on, will be able to enjoy several exceptional concerts and light shows highlighting this atypical and emblematic place.

The workshops are a moment of sharing between the artists, the team of HIDDEN SESSIONS and the associations of the commune. Everyone gathers around the same activity that mixes art, history and experience. The final result is integrated and highlighted during the event.

Soundless noise

One of our artists will introduce electronic music to the participants, but will also teach them to capture sounds in the church of Lasauvage, a place with a very special and unique acoustic. Following the capture of sounds, the workshop will continue with the transformation of these on computer and thus create music.

This workshop will take place on the 24th of June. You can sign-up by contacting us at:

During the event, a JAM will be planned with the participants of the workshop but also any person to whom, the desire to "tinker with buttons and boxes" becomes irresistible but also any person curious and willing to participate.


event is a " Marché D(h)ivers" which will take place in the courtyard of an art gallery... What could be more logical than to do a "makeover" workshop for the cabins?
The workshop consists in repainting the wooden cabins of the commune under the supervision of a graffiti artist. The young people of the "schefflenger-jugendhaus" will have the opportunity to learn the technique of graffiti and will contribute to the decoration of the event, because the cabins will be integrated into it.

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